Organic Vanilla Bean Powder Production

Natural Vanilla Store stocks a large quantity of ground Organic Vanilla Bean Powder which is made from vanilla beans that are dried to less than 10% moisture before being ground into a fine particle size powder. This product is available in A Grade, A Grade Blend, and B Grade Spent.

The A Grade non-spent variety is made from fresh vanilla pods that have been dried in our rotary drum dryer, then cut into small pieces before being ground into a fine powder.

Natural Vanilla Store USA | Organic Vanilla Bean Powder

The A Grade Blend is made by blending A Grade non-spent vanilla powder with brown rice powder and brown sugar powder to produce a very pleasant tasting ground vanilla product.

The spent variety is made from vanilla pods that have been used for making vanilla extract and has a delicate vanilla aroma and flavor that is less intense than the non-spent variety.

Our Organic Vanilla Bean Powder is produced from a blend of Bourbon and Tahitian vanilla pods that have been sourced from various vanilla plantations in regions such as Madagascar, Indonesia, and Papua New Guinea.

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Organic Vanilla Bean Powder Uses

Our vanilla powder’s very fine grind size makes it suitable for use as flavoring, texture, and aesthetic appearance in various types of foods.

Many of our long-term commercial customers have been using vanilla bean powder in large quantities for Chai Latte blends, Chocolate, Soybean drink blends, Protein shakes, pressed Fruit Juice blends, Tea blends, and baked goods such as Cookies and Cakes.

When added during food preparation, it imparts a subtle vanilla flavor and color that permeates through the dish.

Quality Assurance

Many manufactured food products containing our vanilla bean powder have been produced by our commercial customers and exported around the world for consumption in several international markets.

For this reason, our quality assurance requires that our Food Safety Program, Product Specifications, and Microbiology Certificate of Analysis are all maintained to international standards.

Ethically Sourced and Organically Cultivated

The Bourbon and Tahitian vanilla beans used for producing our Organic Vanilla Bean Powder have been sourced ethically with good market rates paid to the growers.

They have also been cultivated organically without the use of chemicals or artificial fertilizers. Although the vanilla pods used for producing our vanilla powder are not officially certified organic, the vanilla pods have been cultivated using organic methods.

The rich soils in the vanilla growing regions require no artificial fertilizers, and as vanilla orchids have a high level of natural resistance to pests and diseases, no chemical sprays are used.

Package Size Options

We stock several package size options for the supply of our ground vanilla bean powder, from large 10kg cartons to suit our commercial customer needs at bulk discount rates down to small 200g packs for retail customers.

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